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On Education and Commitment.

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

I would like to say a few words here about the process of developing ones mentality as someone who is looking to acquire a tattoo.

Receiving a tattoo is a process which can encompass a vast range of experiences. Many are aware that it is not a difficult endeavor to receive a tattoo from an artist that you are not particularly happy with. Sadly reality is the inverse.

Finding a tattooist who will be able to provide you with the work you are "meant to have" is indeed a tricky process. It can take a long time to not only develop ones taste regarding the tattoos that you deeply feel will suit you in the longest term, but also to find the tattooist who will be able to provide you with what it is you have come to appreciate.

Consider your entire body as a single coherent system of expression. As soon as a single decision is made regarding the application of a tattoo, it will affect every other tattoo on your body as part of the overall system of display that your body becomes once you have made the decision to become adorned.

Similarly to your clothing, If a component doesn't suit the overall appearance you are trying to achieve, it changes the mood of everything else you are wearing and may reduce your satisfaction with the way you are presenting yourself.

How is it that you want to present yourself ? What mood is it that you want your tattoos to instill in the observer? Do you wish to convey fear? Do you wish to convey Beauty? Do you wish to convey Power ? Do you wish to convey wisdom? Do you wish to convey strength? Are there certain images or themes that overall will suit your desire to present a certain image ? Consider these questions intimately and consider whether or not the artist which you are interesting in procuring work from will have considered these same questions.

In my personal opinion, the work which is going to satisfy you the most in the longest term would be work that increases your appearance of professionalism. Work where when it is observed by a peer will convey that you as the wearer were educated in your choices, specific about your selection of an artist, and through being knowledgeable , were able to acquire work which presents that knowledge and commitment to the display of your internal expressive form.

In no way is the presentation of a tattoo in a "professional" aesthetic something which is limited to a single style, nor is it something which is exactly definable, similarly to referencing something as "tasting good", one does not need to be a chef to understand when a meal is well crafted, one does not need to be a tattooist to recognize a successful tattoo from one that is not.

That being said, giving yourself the opportunity to study where it is you are going to receive your experience will go a long way to ensuring that it is one with which you are satisfied. Tattooing is a form of creation which encompasses a vast range of techniques and aesthetics, bridges an even vaster range of practitioners, and in my opinion has a ceiling of potential which is effectively infinite. The higher a practitioners mastery of their craft is acquired the more each little modicum of progress is painstakingly achieved, thusly the more dedication is required to retain such a level of creative expressions synthesized with technical omniscience.

The more you as the recipient of the tattoo are willing to understand about what it is possible to achieve and what will represent you the most succinctly the more powerful your dermographic expression will be.

Finding an artist who will provide you with what it is you are truly looking for is a matter of your coming to understand what it is you are really involving yourself in, the choice is yours and you as a tattoo recipient truly have no limits on the greatness of the work you will be able to acquire so long as you are willing to dedicate a sufficient amount of effort to find the right tattooist for your needs. Anyone with great tattoos had to endure the commitment required to allow the artist to reveal through them the expression that collaboratively could only have been made through the relationship they share.

The relationship that you come to share with your tattooist should be considered a special one, where through mutual understanding, respect and commitment, an artistic form is able to be unveiled which is the expression of the synthesis of the both temporary performative arts, and the timeless historical. A way to create which is both the utilization of the now, and the channeling of the timeless.

-George Drew

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