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Hello and thank-you for taking the time to check out our pages and work.

If you are looking to learn about me as a person that is certainly best done in person during an appointment as i am always eager to enjoy a nice conversation with my clients, however if you are the quiet type that's fine too.


My love for tattooing has been burning fiercely since i was a young boy, and since then i have been meticulously working away at crafting a timeless product that will age gracefully and provide power and style to the wearer for many decades to come.


As the owner of Clear River Tattoo it is my mission to provide the city of Calgary with High quality tattooing the resonates with the cultural ethos of the city. C.R.T and myself provide tattoos which speak to the historical tradition of the craft of tattooing, while at the same time having a personal relationship with the culture of Calgary and providing a product that cannot be simply whittled down to a time and a place, in short, modern and classic simultaneously.


I make it a point of focus to maintain a positive friendly relationship with my clients, and for my clients to try and retain that among each other as well, when you get a tattoo at C.R.T you have become a small part of our family and should feel a sense of companionship with the other members of our city who have chosen to acquire a unique everlasting piece of art from our shop.

Japanese Style

Black and Grey Style

American Traditional Style